Admissions & Fees

Admissions & Fees

The running of the school is dependent on school fees, which are compulsory.

All our parents are fee paying parents, there are unfortunately no reductions or subsidised fees.

The year is made up of four terms, and we try to align these with the Government school calendar.

As an NPO we try to make sure we cover all the necessary items needed to run the school. Fundraising functions are also held during the year, and we need your support, in order to buy equipment for the school and additional extras not catered for in the budget.

School fees include the following:-

  • A COVID-friendly art box at the beginning of each year
  • A new art apron when they start at La Gratitude (from 2022)
  • A school hat to use while on the premises
  • All outings and visitors to the school
  • Screening of hearing, eyes and speech at the beginning of each year
  • Special events (such as Mother's and Father's Day, Spring Tea etc.)
  • End of year concert and children's party
  • All Grade Pre R and Grade R required teaching resources